Our Beliefs

Gospel Light Baptist Church is an independent, fundamental, old-fashioned, separated, King James Bible Believing Baptist church. What exactly does that mean?


We are not affiliated with any denominations, conventions, associations, or fellowships. There is no one outside the church that forces doctrinal or administrative policies upon our local congregation. We are truly independent.


A word that has been misrepresented in the media. Fundamental simply means that we believe in the doctrines that were taught by Jesus Christ. By fundamental, we mean that we pattern our church after the fundamentals of the New Testament church that you find in the book of Acts.

Old Fashioned

This does not mean that we must carry on life without the comforts that modern-day advances and technology have provided for us. Old Fashioned describes our standard of living. We do not have to adapt to worldly tactics, dress, or entertainment to reach the world for Christ. Old Fashioned simply means that sin is sin whether it is the 1950’s or the 21st Century.


While we must live amidst the world we do not have to live like the world. We should be different in how we dress, how we talk, and what entertainment we participate in. We are separated from the world that we might be separated unto God and live more like Christ each day. Again, this does not imply we must live without modern-day advances, but that we must use this new-age technology in a manner that would be honoring and glorifying to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The King James Bible

The Word of God for the English-speaking people. We at Gospel Light Baptist Church, make no apology for the Bible translation for which we stand. Other versions have removed Scripture from its text and, thereby, the actual words of God have been watered down to the point that true Scripture is no longer recognizable. The Bible teaches that “God is not the author of confusion.” The King James Bible never caused any confusion. It is when the new-age Bible versions began to be printed that God’s people began to be confused on which Bible version to use, therefore if God is not the author of confusion then He must not be the author of any other version. The King James is the Word of God for the English-speaking people.


This is who we are. We say this without apology or regret. We are Baptist because we believe that its doctrine is the closest to that of the doctrine Christ proclaimed throughout His 3 1/2 year ministry. Contrary to popular opinion, there have been Baptist churches in existence since the time of Christ. While they were not referred to by name there were groups of people who congregated together as churches and taught similar doctrine. Those groups later became known as Baptist, but they had existed for many years before that time.

For additional information, please click the link to our Statement of Faith.

Gospel Light Baptist Church

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